Apr 2017

You're finally onboard with building your email list. You're doing all the right things to boost your subscribers. But sometimes you draw a blank when it comes to email topics to share with your tribe. Consistent blogging will help steer the direction of your emails but sometimes it's not always possible to be creating unique and fresh content for your website. But fear not! I've compiled some ideas for your future email campaigns to draw from when you're not feeling inspired. Whether your subscriber list consists of 4 people (3 of which are in your family) or 3,000, here are the 10 emails you should be sending them.

Welcome Aboard Email

When someone opts in and joins your subscriber list, you want to ensure they don't forget about you until you've got new content to share. This happens often and has subscribers scratching their heads when they receive a random email 6 months later and have no idea who you are (this is prime unsubscribe time, too!). Help your readers keep you top of mind by setting up an automated welcome email. Help them feel like they're part of the team! Share links to your social profiles, a roundup of your most popular (or favourite) content, or just a friendly hello!

welcome email ideas

Use an email automation tool like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or SendinBlue.

A Snippet From Your Latest Blog

Sometimes you're too busy to be consistently writing blogs and creating content. We get that. So why not repurpose the valuable blogs you've already written? Take a few key points from one of your articles and send it out to your readers. Worried that your subscribers will recognize that it's repurposed content? Give it a unique subject line and new image!

A Freebie

When we think about content, we're often quick to assume we're talking about blogs. But content is much more than blogs. People need variety. Expand your content creation to include more interactive pieces like:

  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Printable for home decor
  • Desktop/iPhone wallpaper or background
  • Templates
  • Podcasts
  • Infographics--the list goes on!

email free guide example

If you're emailing out the same types of blogs week after week, you risk boring your readers to the point where they expect to see your email in their inbox. They know what's inside and either skip over it, or plan to read it some other time, or worse, delete it. Make sure to keep your readers on their toes!

Your Favourite Tools

People love hearing about the tools and tips that help us do our jobs better, faster, and cheaper. Share your favourite tools with your readers that will help them do the same.


Once in a while, it's totally ok to brag about your work and the nice comments you've gotten from your customers. Using a tool like Canva, turn a testimonial you've received into a pretty graphic and share it with your email subscribers! And if you're thinking: "But I don't have any testimonials yet!", you probably do. Check your email inbox and search for thank you's from your customers.

testimonial example for email


Polling your subscribers is a great way to uncover information about them and the effectiveness of your emails, in order to make improvements.

Keep it simple and let readers know how long it will take to complete.

email survey example

Contest Announcement

Your email database is an excellent way to get the word out about a contest you're running. You can run an Instagram contest or a giveaway incentive for completing a customer satisfaction survey or for leaving a review of your business.

contest email announcement

Monthly Newsletter

The thought of sending out a newsletter has probably already crossed your mind, but maybe you've been staring at the same blank email draft for 3 days now. What should you include in your monthly newsletter? Especially when things have been a little slower than usual at your business?

  • Local industry events
  • A response to a controversial blog/article that's relevant to your readers
  • A look inside "a day in the life of you!"

A Sale (Not Just for eCommerce!)

You don't have to sell your products online to offer a sale. Services and software companies can also offer discounts and flash sales.

sale announcement email example

The Word on the Street

Social media can be a powerful medium for encouraging positive feedback on your products or business. Take snapshots of some recent Instagram posts featuring your products or giving your brand a shoutout and turn it into a collage! Lost when it comes to creating graphics? I can help! We work with businesses in Lindsay, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, and beyond!

What emails do you love receiving? What emails do you love sending?

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